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by Darren and Jen M on Primo Network Adventures

We had the adventure of a lifetime in Cancun. I went to visit the Mayan ruins and so many beaches that are top of the class in the world. Your condo is on the ocean and can't be beaten. The best deal was joining your group. Thank you for such excellent service. Your people are so good at what they do and know their stuff inside out

To Staff

You guys are great; your passion shows when I speak to you four trips in 2 years. We never traveled as much before. Two thumbs up

by Jasmin and Steve P on Primo Network Adventures
Hello Primo,

Another great trip would have gone on more but stupid COVID. Love your prices your specials that are last-minute are unbelievable for what we get. I wish we had more time, and this issue with COVID would pass.
Looking forward to our next vacation that you guys booked in Cabo for November

by John and Angel K on Primo Network Adventures

Just got back from Ocean City have to say that everything was perfect and even better than expected. Pricewise your the best. Had a beautiful condo that would be worth millions to own. Thank you

by Jennifer and Walter J on Primo Network Adventures
Dear Staff,

Love the exceptional service I get, if this virus was not around; we had started to average one vacation every two months in the USA. We love the fact you have so many we can drive to. My husband is a retired chef, so we pack all his gear and spices, and all the condos have full kitchens. This is better than any camping or an expensive RV.
Our friend who owns an RV says they Pay 75 per night to plug it in.

We pay that and carry up a few bags, or better yet use there trolleys carts. Love it. So glad we joined

by Viki J and Andy P on Primo Network Adventures
Ann from Primo,

The condo in Ocean City was breathtaking. We had an ocean-view room with a pool and the beach right there in front. Not across the street, we loved the beachfront feeling I know this was a million-dollar property. Could never have stayed there without Primo

by Julio and Anna M on Primo Network Adventures
Dear Primo,

Just booked a hot week at the Westin Cape Coral for 599.00 Love it.
It is a 2 bedroom with full kitchen. This is a five-star resort. I could never park my RV in a site for that price. Great deal joining, So happy.

by Helen & Karl H on Primo Network Adventures
Hello Staff,

The best decision was joining with Primo. Now that more and more places are open the resorts are big and lots of space. No crowding love it.

by John and Gina G Alaska on Primo Network Adventures

Thank you for our trip to Destin. Best resort ever we loved every minute.

Dear Jen,

Super job on the resort in Ocean City. Thank you again for the best vacation ever. We never stayed in a resort as lovely and right on the water like the one you suggested.

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