Primo Network Adventures offers advice on some of the most popular beaches for a summer vacation this year.

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This year, many vacationers will spend time wondering where some of the best beaches to spend their summer are located. It can be a challenge to determine which area is best to visit for a variety of reasons, including cost, location, and activities, along with many choices to select from. There’s no need to stress the decision since Primo has provided some of the best beaches to visit this summer. Read below to find out which pick will be perfect for a summer vacation.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii:

This area offers travelers picture-perfect scenery while spending time in paradise. This area features half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees swaying in the breeze above the white beaches, along with the perfect amount of summer sun.

Primo Network Adventures recommends this beach for any surfing fan since the shore is protected by a nearby coral reef, making for calm waters.

The Hamptons, New York:

This area may be more for the jet-set kind of crowd since this Atlantic Ocean area boasts as a top-spot for homes of some of the richest and famous people out there. The shoreline starts around Southampton and runs east to the island of Montauk, featuring high grasses and windswept dunes that make for beautiful scenery. For those who want to gaze at gorgeous homes and hopefully brush elbows some movie stars, this area is the perfect place.

Bora Bora, Tahiti:

This area is perfect for any couple who want to get away from the rest of the world and spend time gazing in each other’s eyes, especially since this location’s nickname happens to be “Romantic Island.” The intimate beaches offer a lot of privacy and quiet, perfect for newlyweds or those who want to reconnect.

Tahiti luxury resort hotel in Bora Bora, primo network adventures

Primo hopes a summer beach vacation makes for a beautiful vacation experience.

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