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Primo Network Adventures knows that sometimes you don’t have to travel very far or to some exotic land to see impressive landmarks. The Grand Canyon is one such wonder that is located in Arizona. This why Arizona is called the Grand Canyon state.

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Its width ranges from 4-18 kilometers and has a diameter of 446 km. At a rough estimate, around 2 million people visit this place each year. People come from all over the world to views this wonder of the world.

Primo Network Adventures understands that it is one of the most thrilling adventures you can take to hike around and explore the Grand Canyon. The south side of the canyon is the one mostly seen by visitors.

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Hiking is one of the most popular things that can do in this canyon. It has some of the steepest rocks in the world, and people enjoy testing themselves. However, just sitting on a bench and gazing at the beauty is impressive. At sunset, the colors change, and it offers some of the world’s best scenery you could ever imagine.

A 4×4 safari jeep ride is also available for all those who dare to go. River rafting options are also available for those who want to raft in the river. Train tours and ranger-guided tour options are also available for visitors. These tours are available for all ages, but a few exceptions like a mule ride or white water rafting have restrictions.

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Primo Network Adventures knows that there are different kinds of hotels available nearby that will accommodate travelers while they experience the sights.

Many of our members will stay in Phoenix and visit the Grand Canyon that way; they also get to spend time in other hotspots like Scottsdale and, of course, downtown Phoenix.

The short 2-hour drive for all members and guests to drive there for the day makes it so easy. Enjoy the beautiful desert scenery up and then down. The State of Arizona is called the Grand Canyon state, and for no other reason, it is a bucket list wonder for all to see and explore.

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