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While you may enjoy luxury safari lodges or camp on your own, the chances are that you will meet your fellow travelers and share their experiences. The opportunity to meet new people is what draws the outdoor enthusiastic to choose a Safari holiday, and if you love living in luxury lodges and camps, you can be put on game drives with the fellow holidaymakers who have similar interests.

Whether it’s Wildlife Watching, Bird Watching or Photography regardless of what experience you want to enjoy you are sure to find some safari experiences to choose from.

PNA members know that everyone who travels to new destinations, tours and excursions tourist should always carry a camera. As the opportunities to capture, stunning landscapes and incredible wildfire are endless and no one wants to miss the moment when you come upon life catching sights and sounds.


Enjoying a safari holiday with an excellent professional guide will turn out quite a unique experience, as he is the one who knows a lot about wildlife and the area.

PNA members are aware that a Safari holiday wonders that every single sight is unique. So treasure every moment of your safari experience, as all views and experiences are equally memorable. There are many experiences to relish and the chance to get up close and personal with nature and the wildlife there. It indeed offers you the right opportunity to enjoy the wild side of life.

PNA knows that there are many different types of Safaris for you to choose from as they all guarantee to leave you with an adrenaline high. However, the most important things that you need to consider while planning a Safari tour is to learn about the cultural traditions and the weather conditions in the area that you travel to. With Primo, you will be well equipped and prepared to deal with whatever comes your way during your Safari experience.


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 by Joanne and Don H
Primo Front Desk,

Great work, you people are excellent, and it shows your dedication.

Best Regards

 by John and Fran Smith

Special shout out to Michael. He went beyond the call. We had to check in to our resort in Orlando after midnight. When we arrived, no one was there, and the office was closed. A security guard came in a golf cart and asked if we were the Smith family and had our keys and checked us in, and said, in the morning, take your time and just finish the checking at the office. Such a relief. We called at 4 pm to say we would be late and Michael phoned the resort and made arrangements! How cool is that?

 by Frank and Gina H

Our stay in Branson was better than we imagined. Sometimes you read a book then watch the movie, and it disappoints. We went there before and stayed in one of the many hotels. This was a resort hidden from the strip in the woods—breaking with plenty to do onsite. Very impressed since this was our first trip with Primo. This would have been out of our budget, yet it had so much more to offer and had a fully upgraded kitchen that we enjoyed the fact that there were community BBQ's and we could grill some steaks, eat at our own pace and then go out and enjoy Branson landing and other areas. Best vacation ever. Thank you, Primo.

 by Kathy Power
Great Resorts,

We stayed in Pigeon Forge in an amazing resort. If I could ever have a second home in the Smokys, the resort we stayed in with Primo would be it. Great job, beautiful resorts, and superb customer service. Special shout out to Michael.

 by Anonymous
Thank you,

We had said that when we signed up, we had thought we made a mistake. After giving it a try, we just came back from Cancun. The resort was terrific. We have never stayed in a resort that had a suite as extensive as what we got. Two bedrooms with a full kitchen and two bathrooms made it so friendly with three kids. This was heaven. The place would cost a million to own.
We paid so little that it was affordable that now we can take another before the year ends. This time something closer to home so we can drive and not have to fly. A great deal will say, get this. We love it and are happy.

Primo Network Adventures Reviews The Japanese Gardens in San Francisco

Located in the famous Golden Gate Park the Japanese Gardens are an excellent site. Visitors to the San Francisco area should set aside time for a trip to appreciate the beautiful yet traditional aesthetics of Japanese culture in nature that can be viewed by the public. There is plenty of fantastic picture taking opportunities to share with all of your loved ones back home. Getting a taste of Japan will be easy for all those visiting the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco.

Various plants by the pond in Japanese Tea Garden

Primo fully appreciates the appeal and excitement of traveling to foreign countries. The summertime, in particular, is a popular season to get away and visit places far away from home. For the traveler with limited to no experience visiting foreign countries, there are many essential steps to take and useful suggestions to make the most of such a trip.

lake in Golden Gate park with pedal boats

Located in the famous Golden Gate Park the Japanese Gardens are an excellent site. Visitors to the San Francisco area should set aside time for a trip to appreciate the beautiful yet traditional aesthetics of Japanese culture in nature that can be viewed by the public. There is plenty of fantastic picture taking opportunities to share with all of your loved ones back home. Getting a taste of Japan will be easy for all those visiting the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco.

Travel experts states the age of the park adds to its beauty, and the walkthrough Golden Gate Park is also something to see and experience as you will see sites like the Janis Joplin tree and can easily cross the street to the Haight Asbury section and see other parts of San Francisco all within a short walking distance. So many to see after you visit the Japanese Gardens that you can make this whole adventure take up the entire day.

Primo Network Adventures Seattle Exciting Attractions For Tourists

Primo Network Adventures members know that Seattle is full of kid-friendly places; kids love to enjoy its music history as well as the city’s waterfront. The little kids will find plenty of hands-on fun at its museums and lots of green grass to romp in. It sure is the perfect place to enjoy family-friendly vacations. Summer is the best season to enjoy a Seattle holiday, and tourists are awe-inspired by its beautiful mountains and the water surrounding it.

Primo Network Adventures says that Seattle is a compact city built on six hills, foot-friendly, and has an extensive bus system on which you can enjoy a free ride. The Reflection Museum of Seattle is the most appealing site for the little kids, as they genuinely love its interactive experiences. Seattle’s most famous landmark is its Space Needle. A glass elevator transports visitors up to its observation deck with a 360-degree view.

Members recommend tourists to enjoy a cruise tour of Seattle, as it is a city of meandering waterways. Tourists will love its scenic landscape and enjoy the guided cruise learning about Seattle’s Maritime highlights. While the ones who cruise around Elliot Bay watch the stunning skyline of Seattle unfold.

Colorful exterior of the Experience Music Project in Seattle Washington.
View of downtown Seattle skyline in Seattle Washington, USA

Primo Network Adventures members recommend the high-end adventurers nose to nose with a wild jaguar and enjoy the tropical setting and observe a family of Gorilla foraging for food. Explore, play and enjoy in the all-season natural play space in the Zoomaziam, where the little kids can easily connect to the wild animals and their natural habitats.

Most members love the music scene of Seattle, in the country’s rock club. Tourists interested in dancing all night long can head straight for Fremont’s Century Ballroom and dance till the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, to enjoy it, the most important thing to do is to plan your holiday through reliable travel companies who can customize your vacation plans according to your budget, just as most Primos members do.

Primo Network Adventures Irvine, Ca. As Top Favorite For Summer Travel

Primo Network Adventures, a leading provider of stunning vacation accommodations and amenities, shares something new for an exciting vacation destination. Irvine lies at the southern end of Los Angeles and is the hot spot destination of Orange County, California.

Conveniently located just south of the famous Disneyland resort, Irvine is also near city beaches and various shopping destinations. Most major L.A. freeways lead to Irvine, but frequent fliers will want to take advantage of the convenience offered by John Wayne International Airport in the heart of Irvine. Summertime temperatures average in the mid-70s, while winter temperatures rarely dip below the 50s.

The temperate climate makes Irvine a top destination choice all year long. Shopping Orange County has more shopping experiences than the average tourist could have in a week. However, this is Irvine, and most visitors come here to shop.

The Irvine Spectrum Center in East Irvine is conveniently located at the intersection of I-5 and I-405, two of the main freeways in L.A. The Spectrum offers shopping at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Target. Dining hot spots at this center include Dave and Buster’s family-friendly fun center and beer lover’s favorite Yard House.

After a busy day of shopping and dining, catch a movie at the Edwards Irvine Spectrum, where you are sure to have the option to see nearly any recently released movie. 

The next stop on this shopper’s dream tour is Fashion Island. This island oasis of shopping is south of Irvine in Newport Beach.  The island overlooking the ocean has world-famous fashion destinations like Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.


Dana Point Harbor by Primo Network Adventures

Luxury and elegance define this shopping venue and cannot be missed. While these are just two of Irvine’s more popular shopping destinations, several more are similar but offer their bit of uniqueness. 

Shopaholics will be in heaven in Irvine, so bring a couple of extra suitcases. Biking, Hiking, and Running Trails The many trails around and throughout the city prove that Irvine is a vibrant city. Primo Network Adventures says whether you are out for an early morning jog or just enjoying the sights, the beautiful and sunny weather beckons you to be outside.

Bask in the Beauty Of Peru Recommended by Primo Network Adventures

Primo Network Adventures members say that Peru is a mystic land where a strange atmosphere floats around the air we breathe and can be a relaxing and exciting vacation spot. This is all because different kinds of energy sparks from its mountains and rivers that flow along. Peru is the perfect travel destination to enjoy the biodiversity on this planet and a rich tradition and culture. When you visit, be sure to sail the waters of Lake Titicaca to spot the colorful Macaws in the jungle and Caimans on its riverbanks. You can even enjoy hiking and trekking along the Inca Trail and catch the first glimpse of Machu Picchi, which will leave you entranced because of the natural splendor that it is endowed with.

Guests will love to visit the magical Water Circuit, the largest Fountain Complex globally, remark the Primo Network Adventures members. It looks lovely during the daytime and at night with its laser lights. The scenery becomes more magical as the sunsets. Savoring the Peruvian Tradition with crunchy Yucca spirals with Huancaina, creamy cheese, and chilly sauce, these are delicious cuisines of the Peruvians. Your visit to this destination will turn out to be one that you never will be able to forget as the flora and fauna of Peru are natural treasures.

Paracas is an ecological destination in Peru, especially for nature lovers, and is also an excellent choice for relaxed relaxation moments. Primo Network Adventures knows this is also a perfect spot for sports such as Wind Surfing and Scuba Diving. Tourists will undoubtedly love to explore the iconic sites of Peru like Plaza De Armas in the heart of Cusco and the sacred city of Machu Picchu. So whether you are scanning the Amazon for a glimpse at the wildlife or following the footsteps of the Incas in this adventure land, you will love Peru.


Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru

Travel and adventures are the most fun in life. With Primo, you always experience the best of times and enjoy a hassles free holiday.

Tips for Navigating a Getaway to Chicago from Primo Network Adventures

Primo Network Adventures members agree that Chicago is a great place for vacationing for many reasons. First, the city offers such a vast amount of things to do; it is almost guaranteed that everyone in your travel group will be able to find something they’ll enjoy doing when they visit. However, Primo Network Adventures members say that if Chicago is a new area to you and the group you’re traveling with, it can sometimes be an overwhelming task to figure out what to do once you arrive. With the vast number of fun-filled activities and adventures available, doing a little research before coming to the city should help you choose from all the available options. Here are some tips to make any trip to Chicago just a bit easier.

Travel during the summer or fall months. That’s when the weather’s at its loveliest, and the winds only warrant a light jacket. Since the winter months along Lake Michigan can bring temperatures below zero and significant snowfalls, most people prefer to avoid the chilly weather. During the Spring season, the weather can sometimes be cold, rainy, or even snowy, so if you plan a trip to Chicago during this time, be sure to pack for warm days, cold days, and even wet or snowy days.

In the city, walking is often the best choice of transportation, so make sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes. While taxis and Ubers are plentiful, they can get expensive. Also, many of the better hotels are located very close to most of the best attractions making walking an excellent choice for getting to know the city. Primo Network Adventures members say that walking is not only a great way to get some exercise while on vacation, but it also allows for a better view of the city and its many hidden treasures.

Scheduling and prioritizing the things you want to do and see while in the city is also essential, especially for first-time visitors. According to many Primo Network Adventures members, there’s enough to do in Chicago to fill an entire week quickly. So if there’s a lot to do on your schedule, getting an early start to the day, especially when visiting popular or trendy attractions, is an excellent idea. Not only will this help keep the trip organized, but it will help you be able to see all the attractions on the “to-do” list.

Chicago skyline

Primo Network Adventures understands that many people are ready to get out and start vacationing again. Chicago is an excellent choice for anyone interested in a city vacation where shopping, museums, theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs are available in abundance.

Primo Network Adventures The Beating Heart Of Chicago

Primo Network Adventures members say that Chicago boasts of the tallest building in the United States. Its ubiquitous elevated train system creates a continuous clatter, and the city looks and feels big. The beating heart of Chicago is the Magnificent Mile, where you will find everything from five-star hotels to Departmental Stores.

Primo Network Adventures says that Chicago is a perfect family locale and has first-rate museums, great art and architecture, and a world-famous aquarium.

Tourists love the view of the skyline of skyscrapers from the top of the Sears Tower and down to its  Loop Street and find sculptures by Picasso and other famous artists and love the stylish Cafes too.

Visitors should not forget to visit the Sky Deck at the top of Sears Tower, known as the world’s tallest skyscraper and offers the best view of Chicago.

Travel To Go members say that the tourist can walk, bike, or jog on the 20-mile Lakefront path connecting to downtown Navy Pier. It skirts the edge of Lake Michigan and is the favorite spot of the city dwellers. The stroll around Oak Street of Chicago will also turn out to be a fascinating experience as it is the birthplace of Henry Hemmingway, the former home of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Primo recommends tourists who plan a trip to Chicago to taste its mouthwatering deep dish pizzas and the famous Chicago Style Hot Dogs. With its compelling cuisines, varied Theatrical venues, and eye-catching architecture, you sure can’t miss a trip to this windy city.

Primo knows that the tourist can easily breeze past the ticket lines without wasting time standing in queues to buy them with the Chicago City passes. You can visit the Hancock Observatory using the City pass and peek beyond the Milky Way in the Adler Astronomy and Planetarium Museum.

The Beating Heart Of Chicago

Shedd Aquarium is another hot post place for the little kids to enjoy the freedom of experiencing the Polar Pay Zone and the Abbot’s Aquarium.  Here they get the chance to watch the beautiful creatures and the shifting green and blues of Lake Michigan.

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